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Changing Your Brain & Befriending Your Nervous System

My Recommended Resources (mostly budget-friendly)
Thayer Robins, Staff Writer June 4, 2019

It is a source of unending sadness to me that many of those struggling every day with brain and nervous system conditions believe help is out of reach. Often they are told they need money they don’t...

Balance your body, heal your brain

admin December 19, 2018

Published December 6, 2018Modern life degrades balance, but only if you let it PART 4 of 4 by Thayer Robins Once upon a time, humans lived on uneven surfaces. They spent their days moving barefoot...

Heal trauma with rhythm

admin October 12, 2018

October 11, 2018Rhythm can soothe your nerves and build your brain by Thayer Robins Anyone who’s soothed a fussing baby knows that gentle rocking often does the trick. The vestibular (balance-related)...

Can you keep a beat?

admin September 27, 2018

Published September 27, 2018Get rhythm, and your brain will work better for you by Thayer Robins The human brain has a lot to coordinate. The grunt work is handled by some 80 billion neurons, which...

Are you leaving your brain health up to chance?

admin September 13, 2018

Published September 13, 2018Understanding your own brain can help protect you for life by Thayer Robins Clark Elliott is a professor of artificial intelligence at a prestigious university. In 1999,...

Are you facing learning or wellness challenges?

admin August 30, 2018

Published August 30, 2018Many common struggles are caused by a fixable brain issue by Thayer Robins Alzheimer’s, stroke, concussion, autism — as most everyone knows, events or illnesses...

Build your brain by moving your body

admin May 4, 2018

Published May 3, 2018Movement is the brain’s first and most important language PART 1: by Thayer Robins Humans are the only mammal born incapable of voluntary movement. As adults, we’re meant...

Turn your brain into a first-class learning machine

admin April 20, 2018

Published April 19, 2018How to do intentionally what kids do instinctively by Thayer Robins A key goal of this column is to help eradicate an old, thoroughly disproven idea: that our brain stops...

Your brain is busy remodeling itself

admin March 30, 2018

Published March 29, 2018But is it making the choices that will be to your benefit? by Thayer Robins Your brain is constantly “remodeling” itself, making choices about who you are and what you’ll...

What happens in your brain when you learn?

admin March 26, 2018

Published March 15, 2018It’s all about enhancing ‘neural’ communication by Thayer Robins So far this column has focused entirely on improving your brain through exercising brain function....

Why the state of your brain matters

admin March 1, 2018

Published March 1, 2018What are the consequences when it’s underdeveloped, degraded, or damaged? by Thayer Robins It’s hard to overstate the importance of your brain. Given all that it does...

Keep your brain challenged

admin March 1, 2018

Published February 15, 2018But I’m already exercising — why isn’t that enough? by Thayer Robins Your brain needs a healthy body. So everything you’re doing now to stay fit is helping...

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