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    Marvel’s ‘Guardians’ brings unlikely heroes to a galaxy near you

    Heroes come from the most unlikely places, and guardians rarely start out as such. It’s one of the oldest stories we can tell, but no matter how many times it is told it never loses its power.

    “I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me,” states Peter Quill in Marvel’s latest blockbuster “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” setting the stage for an action-packed story chock full of improbable heroism.

    On the night of his mother’s death, young Quill was abducted and taken from earth, forever altering his destiny and setting him on the path to achievements beyond his wildest imaginings.

    Twenty-six years later Quill, now an outlaw who uses the self-imposed moniker “Star Lord,” finds himself caught up in events far bigger than he ever imagined when a strange orb he procures for a buyer attracts the attention of fanatical warlord Ronan and the feared dictator Thanos.

    What began as a quest for money quickly escalates into a harrowing battle for the galaxy. Quill finds himself relying on a motley gang of criminals: Gamora, an assassin and adopted daughter of Thanos; Drax, a mighty brawler seeking vengeance against Ronan; and the bounty hunting duo of Rocket Raccoon, a foul-mouthed and highly intelligent result of genetic experimentation; and Groot, a humanoid tree with a heart of Au.

    Though they begin as enemies, Quill and his gang of “guardians” band together, busting out of prison, blowing up space stations, and leading chase across the far reaches of the galaxy as they try to keep the orb from Ronan and his forces.

    “Guardians” has been a much-anticipated release for readers of the comics and movie fans alike, and it certainly delivered the promised spectacle.

    Hyper-saturated spacescapes and dramatic starship battles contrast a soundtrack of well-loved oldies, and stories of loss and struggle are followed by witty one-liners or unexpected dance-offs.

    “Guardians” showcases the honest storytelling that has made the comics so beloved to readers. Quill’s tale may be fantastical, but it is also simple, a story of goodness and justice taking hold where you least expect them.

    Bandits and thieves become heroes, fighting seemingly insurmountable odds, and surprising even themselves as they put everything on the line to do the right thing for the first time in their lives.

    Though set in the future, the film strikes a cord with contemporary audiences as it brings up issues close to home. Oppression, genocide, and fanaticism riddle the fictional universe of “Guardians.”

    But the hope for improvement is there, and the promise of peace seems not far off. Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy overcame their differences and put their questionable pasts behind them, and it’s this powerful unity that ultimately saves the galaxy.

    It teaches us that nothing is decided for us, that we can alter ourselves and the world around us for the better, if only we are brave enough to try.

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    In the fall of 2019, The Laney Tower rebranded as The Citizen and launched a new website. These stories were ported over from the old Laney Tower website, but byline metadata was lost in the port. However, many of these stories credit the authors in the text of the story. Some articles may also suffer from formatting issues. Future archival efforts may fix these issues.  
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