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Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen

Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen

Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen


    Remember where we live. 
    Today, we in the East Bay continue to suffer, like the rest of the country, under oppressive racism, economic inequality, and increasing displacement — plus the constant threat of earthquakes.
    So as the world grows more chaotic, we must remember where we live. 
    Our Peralta Colleges sit in Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda — beautiful cities in one of the most eclectic areas in the world. They might call us the “East” Bay, but we’re a region deserving of admiration all our own. 
    We boast a long history of radical politics, one of the world’s top-ranked educational institutions, a people’s museum capturing the spirit of California, and majestic urban and natural landscapes that prove there is a “there” here.
    The images in this special photo feature on pages 1 and 8 represent some of the best of us. Look into these pictures as you look into the hearts of our cities — for where we live is ever-changing, but we will make it what it must be if we are to keep living in it.
     — KR Nava, Design Editor

    Cross the Bay Bridge from San Francisco and you land in a different world, an expansive place where art and grit, luxury and hardship are found in the space of one short walk.


    Take in the view from the Oakland hills at sunset, looking toward the San Francisco skyline. The once laid-back East Bay has been rapidly overtaken by the housing crunch created by the tech boom across the Bay.


    At the east end of Lake Merritt in Oakland, residents of the East Bay take in the sunset and Oakland skyline in the distance. 
    The lake is a vibrant centerpiece for the city, linking together the different parts of downtown Oakland, from the iconic Grand Lake Theatre to the prestigious Oakland Museum of California, a bustling, lively Chinatown, and our very own Laney College. 
    The lake has also been a source of controversy. Residents of the new, high-priced condos around the lake have brought police attention to decades-old local traditions of music-making and celebration. 
    Thus, the lake represents the clash between two distinct East Bay populations: a people with deep roots and a rich history, and an affluent group of modern settlers trying to take the city over from the inside.


    An urban space in downtown Oakland doubles as a playground for skateboarders and a canvas for artistic landscapers.


    A cellist plays for passengers on the BART train as it passes through West Oakland. Culture mixes with commute when buskers take over a train with music, dancing, and a cap or bucket for donations.


    A back street near downtown Oakland with the Tribune Tower in the background. Graffiti and guerilla art compete with new construction for the future of the spirit of Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda.

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    In the fall of 2019, The Laney Tower rebranded as The Citizen and launched a new website. These stories were ported over from the old Laney Tower website, but byline metadata was lost in the port. However, many of these stories credit the authors in the text of the story. Some articles may also suffer from formatting issues. Future archival efforts may fix these issues.  
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