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Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen

Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen

Peralta Community College District's only student-run publication.

The Citizen

    Be involved and pay attention

    Decisions about your future are being made all around you — you deserve to have your say.

    Last semester, Laney College did something incredible. It stood up for itself, and got its representatives to listen.

    The Oakland A’s wanted (and reportedly still want) to build their new stadium across the street, on the public land that currently holds our district offices.

    But our Board of Trustees said no, after much pushback from the communities both within Laney and the surrounding area.

    We write about flaws in systems with hope that those problems will be addressed.

    Stopping development in this city is not a battle easily won, especially in an area so near downtown.

    The StAy the Right Way Coalition deserves praise for its passionate organizing efforts to protect our educational environment.

    Whether you believed the prospect of a stadium to be positive or negative, there is no doubt that those who fought care about Laney.

    I spent my time at a state university disengaged from campus life, not getting to know what matters to people about their education, and I regret that. But here at Laney, I am in constant admiration of the people who lobby for the good of the community.

    If we want to get the most out of our education, we have to demand that it be as great as it can be.

    This semester, the Laney Tower has two editor-in-chiefs: myself and Brian Howey. We want to bring you news about your campus so that you have the resources to make decisions about your college experience.

    You have the right to an excellent education, to feel safe in your learning environment, and to be heard.

    The Tower wants to know your story, what you struggle with, what successes you have found, and aspects of our school that need a closer look. When we write about flaws in our school system, it is with hope that those problems will be addressed. We believe that part of your college experience extends to the way our local and national governments are impacting our home lives.

    We urge you to stay informed, and be a part of shaping your future. We ask you to pay attention to those who have power over your life.

    We intend to do that with you.

    Email the editors at [email protected].

    Sarah Carpenter

    About the Contributor
    In the fall of 2019, The Laney Tower rebranded as The Citizen and launched a new website. These stories were ported over from the old Laney Tower website, but byline metadata was lost in the port. However, many of these stories credit the authors in the text of the story. Some articles may also suffer from formatting issues. Future archival efforts may fix these issues.  
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